Jan 8 – Humans Are Animals, Right?

It’s the beginning of a new year so returning to basics, briefly, seems like a worthwhile exercise. I mean, I can spend a lot of time trying to answer questions like Who Am I and What Is My Life’s Purpose, etc. but I shouldn’t forget my biology, should I? After all, we are still dealing with mental and physical health, a pandemic, overpopulation and the Sixth Extinction, right?

So, I’m focused this week on our animal-ness, our basic living status and what that might mean when it comes to how we live our lives.

Here’s a question for you: why do we conveniently deny our animal nature? Below are a couple of thoughts to consider.


Question: Why is it, for some reason, that humans try to separate themselves from the animal kingdom when we ourselves are animals?

Response from Flavio Zanchi ·


All religions hold that humans are special, created at separate times and under different circumstances from other animals. Some are even so arrogant as to say that humans were made in the image of some creator or another.

That is the problem.

Most, if not all, religions try to explain consciousness with the idea of a “soul” or a “spirit” – something other than the body. Those creeds that allow animals to have a soul, also believe that being an animal is but a stage in a human’s climb toward the essence of creation. So, the soul is human, after all, and the animal just a temporary learning stage for the sublime, divine spirit.

All rubbish, of course, but still at the very foundation of religion. After all, if your beliefs don’t make you special, why have them? If placing faith in such utter balderdash does not serve to at least unite you with similarly weak-minded imbeciles, why have faith at all?

This is the single most important difference between religion – any religion – and a scientific, realist view of the world.

See, if you can’t explain animals, or plants, put yourself so far above them that no explanation is required, except to say that they were made to serve you, either as food and clothing, or as faithful tame companions, or as a step up the ladder of enlightenment.

Repost of Quora Q&R (see https://www.quora.com/Why-is-it-for-some-reason-that-humans-try-to-separate-themselves-from-the-animal-kingdom-when-we-ourselves-are-animals)


Today’s senryu: Humans Are Animals, Right?

my mind is special

my body not so much – breathe

without air I die

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