Feb 11 – My Chihuahua Rescue


I was a lucky man to be offered the chance to adopt a Chihuahua stray rescue. Here’s a brief poem that explains how it all began:

Some Things We May Never Know

Little white Chihuahua, not so young;

not looking your best, coat far from pure.

Animal Control said you were found

living outside, skirting danger.

With matted hair and covered in fleas;

were you abandoned; owner succumbed?

Scrounging for food -and clearly quite lost –

I wonder, where did you come from?

Public announcements brought no results;

two weeks later, “FREE for adoption.”

No resistance, we chose each other;

  optimistic reclamation.

Vet estimated you’re ten years old,

“a very good model”, she confirms.

Fleas now gone and shots have been given;

future routine: monthly heartworm.

Now we go forward,  the two of us;

me asking questions, you staying mum.

Coming from a past only half known;

no longer matters where you came from,

Just one man, one dog walking in tandem.


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