Feb 10 – Why Wait?

Are you ever impatient with impermanence? Does time marching on ever bring solace? Is life itself exasperating? Just three questions on a Friday morning resulting in three senryus linked below.


Today’s linked senryus: Why Wait?

At your service or

at your mercy – I’m tired;

tired of waiting …

Godot or Bardot

daydreams no longer work – I’m

tired of waiting …

Time is not my friend

I know I am breathing – so?

tired of waiting …

Brigitte Bardot @ s.yimg.com

3 thoughts on “Feb 10 – Why Wait?

  1. Ana Daksina

    I understand completely. Though I regret the life circumstances which have prompted this poetic outpouring, know that you have given able voice here to millions silently suffering these same emotions. Whatever else it is, it’s excellent poetry.

    Liked by 1 person


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