Mar 11 – Our True Self or 1+1+1

Thomas Merton @

Ilia Delio, Chair in Theology at Villanova University, shares how Thomas Merton informed herstory in Discovering the true self in God with Merton’s guidance. (See Delio begins by quoting Merton and then elaborates:

“‘Our vocation is not simply to be, but to work together with God in the creation of our own life, our own identity, our own destiny.

The search for true identity requires an honest self-love. Love of self is not selfishness but a humble recognition of our lives as true, good and beautiful. Without real love of self, all other loves are distorted. “

Marybeth Weiss, VP for People & Culture, has a related message in her article, There Is No “I” in Team, but There Is a “Me”: Building a Better Team Starting with You. (See Weiss offers:

“If we rely on stories to drive behavior, we can’t accomplish anything, and relationships deteriorate … Teams can only grow and flourish from the hunger and drive of each individualTeam success isn’t always about what the group does but how each member contributes.

Today’s senryu: our true self

one plus one plus one

equals infinity – yes,

we’re more, together

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