Apr 4 – HSUS Animal Care Expo


I am very fortunate to be investing much of this week at the Animal Care Expo in New Orleans, LA, USA. This 4-day event is an annual opportunity for educators and exhibitors to meet with over 2500 attendees to discuss what is happening to improve animal care, animal rescue and animal re-homing across the globe. Here’s what I did on Day 1:

  • Introduced to the Canine Assessment for Risk of Shelters (CARS) framework to assess a dog’s behavioral response to humans, other dogs, or other domesticated animals. This Learning Lab also included a Bite Assessment. This nearly 5-hour interactive session was excellently presented by Dorothy Baisly, Fernando Dias, Amanda Kowalski and Mara Velez.
  • The Welcome Keynote included the recognition of the 4,000 Beagles rescue program completed last year and the aspiration to do even more this year and years to come. This was followed by an inspirational presentation by Dr. Jyothi Robertson on how her interspecies family members (i.e. cats, dogs and a tortoise) help her (and can help us) look at life and our animal care challenges more courageously and lovingly.
  • Last, but not least, I was one of three animal chaplains staffing an exhibition booth for Compassion Consortium.

More good news to come!

Jill Angelo, Patrick Cole and (Rev) Sarah Bowen (award-winning author for Sacred Sendoffs and a founding director for Compassion Consortium)!

1 thought on “Apr 4 – HSUS Animal Care Expo

  1. waxixe6397

    Thank you for sharing your experience at the Animal Care Expo. It’s inspiring to see so many people come together to improve animal care and rescue efforts. Can you elaborate more on the Canine Assessment for Risk of Shelters (CARS) framework and how it is being used to assess a dog’s behavioral response?



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