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High Coo – Dec 4 – Animal Blessings

Who blesses who? Who loves who? Who rescues who?

It’s been three days since we said goodbye to Lexie. Today I say hello again and look forward to the day we all will meet in the Pure Land aka Rainbow Bridge.

Below are a couple of quotes from the excellent book Blessing the Animals by Lynn L. Caruso (c) 2006 to comfort us in the meantime.

The love we give to a pet, and receive from a pet, can draw us more deeply into the larger circle of life, into the wonder of our common relationship to our Creator.Kevin E. Mackin, OFM referenced on p.23 Blessing for Cats

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.Albert Schweitzer referenced on p.31 Blessings for Cats

May all creatures be freed from their suffering. May all creatures be freed from their illness. May those in fear be comforted and those bound be set free.Buddhist prayer adapted by Lynn L. Caruso Partings p.180

Today’s humble senryu: Lexie

we will not forget

our love for each other – we

will reunite soon

Leezy (with caramel-colored feet) and her sister Lexie (with white feet)

Dec 3 – How to Live When a Loved One Dies

“Our loved ones are in us and we are in them. When a loved one dies, a part of us also dies.” p.2

“We are in the habit of identifying ourselves with our bodies. The idea that we are this body is deeply entrenched in us. But your loved one is not just their body; they are much more than that …. The idea that “This body is me and I am this body” is a belief we must let go of. If we do not, we will suffer a great deal. We are life, and life is far vaster than this body, this concept, this mind …. We are not limited to our physical body, even when we are alive. We inter-are with our ancestors, our descendants, and the whole of the cosmos. We do not have a separate self; we are interconnected with all of life, and we, and everything, are always in transformation.” p.100-101

I miss Lexie.

I’m grateful for the reminders Thich Nhat Hanh offers us.

May we all have a peaceful weekend.

Dec 1 – Some Days Are Stone


After fourteen years together, I delivered our beautiful cat, Lexie, to veterinary specialists for a throat scope early this morning. In a few short weeks she had gone from a social, vocal and loving feline companion to a hoarse, weak, barely eating cat choosing to hide from the family.

An x-ray late last week and a CT-scan earlier this week, revealed a mass in her throat. Veterinary specialists advised a throat scope but forewarned us Lexie might not survive the procedure. They told us a throat scope could tell us more about the mass and any possible treatment options.

We were mentally prepared for the worst but still hoped for any good news. Sadly, we were not fully prepared emotionally to hear the final diagnosis and recommendation. The throat scope revealed Lexie had cancer and it had progressed beyond any recommended treatment. They could revive her for a final goodbye, but euthanasia appeared to be the most compassionate next step.

My wife and I returned to say our goodbyes. We petted and hugged her. We apologized for not knowing how to help her earlier than we had. We thanked her for our fourteen years together. We asked her to wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. We told her we would miss her terribly and would place her cremains on our memorial bookcase with other loved ones from our “furever” family.

My wife held Lexie as our beloved feline received two injections into her IV. She was gone almost instantly. See

Love is hard, grief is hard, and some days are very hard.

John Denver’s version of Some Days Are Diamonds seems a fitting memorial song.

High Coo – Nov 22 – Humane Society Anniversary Day

Jean Chung/For HSI 2017

Humane Society International, (HSI), is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare. It addresses animal cruelty, including inhumane practices and conditions affecting companion and farm animals, illegal animal trade, animal slaughter, and use of animals in research and product testing.

Humane Society Anniversary Day, celebrated on November 22 every year, signifies the establishment of Humane Society International, the world’s largest animal protection organization. Did you know that every year, Humane Society International saves hundreds of animals from cruelty cases? Humane Society International strives to promote the human-animal bond, protect and rescue animals, and more across the world.

Why care about non-human animals?

  1. “Violence against animals has been linked to a higher likelihood of criminal violence and domestic abuse. So, violence against animals must be stopped.
  2. According to statistics, one animal is abused every minute in the world.
  3. Annually, over 10 million animals in the U.S. die as a result of abuse.
  4. The U.S. has over 10, 000 known puppy mills.
  5. Despite the fact that most animals are fully capable of surviving in the wild or in cities on their own, they are subjected to a great deal of cruelty and abuse. We can be their voice.

One thing we can take home from the Humane Society Anniversary is that not only humans but all creatures are created equal. We need to treat all animals with compassion and love.

Today’s senryu: Happy Anniversary HSI

multiply caring:

together we accomplish

more than one can do

High Coo – Nov 21 – World Hello Day


Since 1971, World Hello Day has been celebrated as a simple, nonviolent, peace promoting, secular holiday.

Recognized by over 180 countries and supported by Nobel Peace Laureates, celebrities and writers, this is something everyone can do.

Specific suggestions include saying hello to at least 10 people every day and learning how to say hello in multiple languages.

See and

Today’s senryu: World Hello Day

privet, ni hao, chao,

hola, bonjour and hallo –

please give peace a chance

High Coo – Nov 20 – National Absurdity Day

@ Pinterest

As Sarah A. Bowen, director of the Animal Chaplaincy program and author of Sacred Sendoffs (c) 2022, would say WTF? BTW: WTF is short for What the Fluff.

So, today is National Absurdity Day – where did this come from?

The real philosophy of absurdism began in the 19th century in the mind of a Danish philosopher called Kierkegaard. Its premise is that humans are all searching to find meaning in a meaningless universe. As the years passed, this philosophy gained popularity and became the touchstone for a movement in theatre and literature in Europe and North America.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the peak of such artistic movements as the Theater of the Absurd and Surrealism gave rise to an entire genre of literature based on nonsequitur behaviors and otherworldly plots. One of the works from this time, “Waiting for Godot”, is based entirely around a pair of characters waiting at a tree for their friend, Godot — whom we never meet — to arrive.

The origins of National Absurdity Day are apropos to the subject at hand. They’re entirely unknown.” See

For more information on the philosophy of absurdism see and

Today’s poem: National Absurdity Day

another day in

(where am I again) – oh, yeah

paradise, with you

Enjoy the chaos of today 🙂

High Coo – Oct 16 – Global Cat Day

Buddy in the rafters

October 16 is Global Cat Day. Formerly known as National Feral Cat Day, the founding organization Alley Cat Allies ( established the day in 2001 to promote awareness for saving community cat lives, preventing their harm and encouraging nonlethal neutering of cats before returning them to their chosen freedom. (See

The picture above is the cat that adopted us one day and accepted food, water and a safe place to sleep in our barn on cold nights. We followed the TNR (Trap – Neuter – Return) protocol with our veterinarian. Otherwise, Buddy would travel the countryside as he pleased.

Today’s haiku is dedicated to Buddy: Global Cat Day

one day you arrived

we enjoyed your company

until you moved on

We’re not sure what happened to Buddy, but we know for a short while we were graced with his presence.

For more information on how you can help feral cats, check out

Buddy inspecting a garden bucket