Jan 26 – Animal Chaplaincy – A Rich Vocation?

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The professional animal chaplain, aka interspecies, interspiritual, care provider, is not known as a high-paying vocation. In fact, some people performing this community service do so for free. For example:


Here are a couple of comments from an article written about Sid Korpi last August 15, 2022 titled: Animal Ministry Career – What Does a Pet Loss Chaplain Do?

Since she often works for free, Korpi requests free-will offerings for services such as accompanying people and their pets to euthanasia appointments, doing group animal blessings, conducting pet loss support groups, speaking to groups about pet loss, and writing and delivering pet funeral or memorial services.

Work with pets because your heart and soul compels you to, not because you’re hoping to get rich,” she says. “If you’re interested in animal chaplaincy, you must love animals above almost everything else. You must be seeking to live your life on a slightly higher plane of existence. That means the earthly rewards may be few, but the spiritual ones abound.”

Read more about Sid Korpi and this profession at https://hopingfor.com/animal-ministry-career-what-does-a-pet-loss-chaplain-do/

Today’s vocational senryu: Must We Choose

one or another

or possible to have both

wealth and poverty

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