Jan 27 – Animal Chaplaincy – Rev. Chris Rothbauer


Currently serving as a Unitarian Universalist Minister in Auburn, Alabama, Rev. Chris Rothbauer professes:

“My calling is towards healing of the universe and her human and non-human creatures. Our interconnection to the rest of the universe is not just some lofty intellectual exercise, but a fact of existence. As the late Carl Sagan once remarked, “We are all stardust.” Modern society often alienates us from these interconnections. I feel a deep call to help restore this sense of relationship with the universe and nurture a deep sense of love for human and non-human life alike as well as the universe as a whole.

We live at a time when the universe itself is threatened by the consequences of decades of thoughtless actions that have damaged this one and only planet we call home. At a time when so much is at stake for the future of our planet, I feel a deep calling to heal this damage before it is too late. I am called to participate in the Great Turning, in the words of Joanna Macy, the emerging story of how we might yet reverse the effects of climate change precipitated by an attitude of human supremacy.”

Involved in multiple ministries, Rev. Chris is also a Registered Pet Chaplain who explains:

Animal chaplaincy is not a support for mental health services, but a multi-faith way to explore the spiritual and emotional issues surrounding our connection to our animal friends.

For much more information on animal chaplaincy and Rev. Chris’ approach and services check out his website: http://revchris.faith/animal-chaplaincy/

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