May 13 – Come Saturday Morning

“The ads for “The Sterile Cuckoo” remind us that you can fall in love for the first time only once in your life. True enough, but that begs the question of whether Pookie and Jerry are really in love. I doubt it. Their relationship is based more on need: her need to be loved, and his need to make love.” Thus begins the critical movie review by Roger Ebert, the late Pulitzer-Prize winning movie critic who died in 2013. See the full review here:

I was a movie reviewer for both my high school and college newspapers. I still enjoy watching movies, especially classics, but stopped writing movie reviews long ago. I was more of a promoter than a critic and definitely not as talented a writer as Roger Ebert. Alas.

Liza Minnelli and the song, Come Saturday Morning, were nominated for Oscars, although neither won. Alas.

Today’s senryu: Come Saturday Morning

Alas, life is short

and timing is ev’rything.

What time is it now?

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