May 18 – Fur Friends

What does unconditional love look like? Below are two of the four fur friends I walked yesterday in downtown St. Louis.

Aeshma – 2yr old female Terrier 51lbs.

Tic Tac – 7yr old female Terrier 55 lbs.

I also walked two males, Orville and Skidmore, but forgot to take pictures. Next time.

All four dogs are beautiful creatures and I feel so lucky to walk with them. My greatest wish is that they are adopted soon so that they can be with a loving human seven days a week.

Today’s pupryu: Fur Friends

greeted so warmly

trusted so quickly – I’m awed

by the love you give

Check with your local animal rescue facility for some unconditional love opportunities.

2 thoughts on “May 18 – Fur Friends

  1. pennsivity

    Me too, in awe, …they give unconditionally, just want your love and attention, (and feed of course, goes without saying…). Nothing hits home like a look from your furry and loving friend. ✨❤️✨

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