High Coo – July 31 – Croagh Patrick



Today is Reek Sunday, aka Garland Sunday, the day for a pilgrimage climb in NW Ireland. This day honors the summit made by St. Patrick which led to his expelling of snakes from the island.

Expelling “snakes” from our geography and our mind sounds like a worthy activity. To learn more about this annual religious event see: https://nationaltoday.com/reek-sunday/

Accordingly, today’s haiku is Croagh Patrick

Rise above the snakes –

expel them from your life here

and now and again

Note: Ireland is a beautiful place to visit. I have visited three times to-date. However, we don’t have to make our snake-ridding-pilgrimage-climb on the Emerald Isle. We can make the symbolic climb every day, wherever we find ourselves.


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