High Coo – August 1 – DOGust 1st


Today is the universal birthday for all shelter dogs. Unfortunately, some dogs find themselves placed in a rescue shelter with no information available about their past, their birthdate or even their name. And yet, these sentient beings still have hope that someday they will help create a new interspecies family with the very fortunate human who chooses them.

I am fortunate to be a weekly volunteer for a canine rescue shelter in St. Louis, Missouri. Our interspecies family currently includes two adopted rescued dogs. We don’t know their actual birthday so we will celebrate it today 🙂

Today’s haiku for DOGust 1st.


love is a very rare joy –

adopt shelter dogs

For more information about this holiday see https://nationaltoday.com/dogust-universal-birthday-for-shelter-dogs/

For more information about Stray Rescue of St. Louis see https://www.strayrescue.org/

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