High Coo – August 7 – National Lighthouse Day


I was born in the beautiful tourist town of Traverse City, Michigan. There are many nearby lighthouses that serve as beacons of light to point out the rocky shorelines of Lake Michigan. Mission Point is the lighthouse I have visited most often.

As stated on their website, “Built in 1870, this historic lighthouse is now a museum of local history and culture, and an interesting feature is its unique location. Situated at exactly the 45th parallel between the North Pole and the Equator, the lighthouse was an important warning system for the ships and boats about the treacherous shoals off the coast into the Grand Traverse Bay.https://cityseeker.com/traverse-city-mi/892742-mission-point-lighthouse

Here is today’s haiku:

A Lighthouse

May we find our light

and serve as a beacon of

hope to each other

Drone photo by jayedwardphotography.com

5 thoughts on “High Coo – August 7 – National Lighthouse Day

    1. Patrick Cole Post author

      Hi marlagro, a photograph taken by a drone camera is known as a drone photo. A drone (or flying) camera can revolve 365 degrees while providing all the details of a place and the nearby areas of it. This kind of photography helps in providing a wider view of any location or an occasion. Thank you for asking!



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