High Coo – August 8 – Intl’ Cat Day


I grew up in a dog-loving home and never experienced a cat companion. My partner grew up with cats and dogs and has introduced me to the joys of cat companionship. We now have two rescued cats and dogs in our home and we often begin our evenings with all six of us sitting on a couch together.

Today is International Cat Day and there is some very interesting information that is new for me. Did you know that cats have been human companions for 9,500 years, a cat successfully flew into space in 1963 AND petting a cat can produce stress-reducing hormones to improve our mental health? Check it out here: https://nationaltoday.com/international-cat-day/

Here’s today’s haiku for International Cat Day

Silently walking

she brushes up against me

furry love surprise

And here is Lexie and her sister Leezy sharing a living room chair.

2 thoughts on “High Coo – August 8 – Intl’ Cat Day

  1. Ari Joshua Bouse

    I’ve heard they’re the only creatures that chose to domesticate themselves with humans. And in some Reiki lore, the reason cats only tolerate a small amount of Reiki is because in cat consciousness, they believe they invented it.

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