High Coo – Sept 11 – National Pet Memorial Day

Tree of Life Pet Memorial Room at Stray Rescue of St. Louis
One leaf on the Tree of Life for our companion
Etta Pearl, blind, deaf Min Pin Doxie

The second Sunday of September has been designated as National Pet Memorial Day since 1972. “When a beloved pet dies it’s like losing a member of the family, so this holiday exists to allow pet owners to grieve and to honor the memory of their pets. It doesn’t matter if the pet lost is a cat, dog, bird, or fish, pets can provide companionship and comfort that’s worthy of being remembered on this day of remembrance.” See https://www.holidayscalendar.com/event/national-pet-memorial-day/

Two poems are offered today. The first comes from my book NATURAL BEAUTY AND OTHER POEMS published earlier this year.

Who Rescues Who?

In one year’s time, we have “rescued” five dogs. Or, more accurately, they have rescued me. They’ve taught or tried to teach me patience as well as gratitude and humility. Any failures were not on account of their teaching ability.

Who are they, who were they, what are their names? First, a spaniel, named Rosie. Second, an island dog from St. Thomas. Third was Etta, a blind, deaf Min Pin Doxie, and fourth, a nameless Golden Chow puppy.

Two of them came “knocking” on our back door; we brought them in, cleaned them up, had a vet check. One we fostered until a family adopted, one we adopted until heavenly-trekked. All were heart-touching, worth loving and divine respect.

We now have four adopted rescues as part of our family, all four elders in their respective breed. We are grateful to serve full- or part-time. Their presence reminds us of our interbeing creed. Their love brings tears and confirms our mutual need.

Second, is today’s haiku: National Pet Memorial Day

Sweet Etta Pearl,

we walk together weekly.

Your spirit lives on

For more information about this holiday see https://nationaltoday.com/national-pet-memorial-day/

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