High Coo – Oct 8 – World Octopus Day

Octopus: fun facts, marine biology, infographic from Pinterest

“World Octopus Day celebrates one of the most distinctive creatures living on the planet today. Octopuses are worthy of appreciation for a number of reasons:

Today’s haiku: World Octopus Day

Three hearts and eight brains

a diversity starr and

saltwater wonder

And check out this 2013 video ad starring Ringo Starr and an animated version of his song, Octopus’s Garden


2 thoughts on “High Coo – Oct 8 – World Octopus Day

  1. Dr B

    According to my Nepali Patro, (calendar) today is “Government Day” which according to Dr C who is of Nepali origin, it’s a day we all get together to post negative tweets, negative Facebook posts, protest etc about the Nepalese government. What a splendid idea, it should be globally celebrated!
    Now, I love octopi, especially the Pulpo dishes in Spanish tapas bars.
    Mention octopi to my middle aged daughter however and she immediately remembers, as a 7 yr old child, the shame of shouting out her answer of “eight” to the school group quiz question of “how many eyes has an octopus”? The tears flowed immediately 😂

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