High Coo – Oct 10 – Indigenous People’s Day

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“In 1992, Columbus Day became Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a sign of protest against the massacres that the Native Americans suffered at the hands of the Europeans. …Celebrating Columbus Day and Columbus himself goes against the very essence of indigenous nations as he was the man who began the genocide of the Native Americans.

For the Native Americans, Columbus Day was always hurtful as it glorified the violent past constituting 500 years of colonial torture and oppression by European explorers like Columbus and those who settled in America. Indigenous Peoples’ Day draws attention to the pain, trauma, and broken promises that were erased by the celebration of Columbus Day. Before his arrival, the indigenous folk were successful self-sufficient communities that sustained life for thousands of years.”

Find more information on this day at https://nationaltoday.com/indigenous-peoples-day/, https://www.vox.com/2014/10/13/6957875/christopher-columbus-murderer-tyrant-scoundrel and https://www.revolt.tv/article/2021-10-11/109820/the-truth-about-christopher-columbus-massacre-of-indigenous-caribbean-peoples/


Greed and genocide

cannot erase the beauty

of native peoples

Joy Harjo – https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/first-native-american-poet-laureate/

5 thoughts on “High Coo – Oct 10 – Indigenous People’s Day

  1. Pooja G

    What happened to the indigenous people is so sad. I learnt about it in history and sociology classes. It’s so sad to see they are still discriminated against. Loved the haiku because yes even after all that they are still here fighting.

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