High Coo – Oct 22 – National Make a Dog’s Day


Four years ago, automaker Subaru and the ASPCA teamed up to establish National Make a Dog’s Day. As the promotors explain:

“Dogs are now an integral part of our lives for most of us. They are among the most popular, misused, and underappreciated pets worldwide. A dog is intelligent, can follow instructions, and will stay loyal until the end. National Make a Dog’s Day is about spending time with our dogs and encouraging people to provide better conditions for all dogs. We must make sure that every dog has a forever home.” https://nationaltoday.com/national-make-a-dogs-day/

“How can you tell if a dog is happy? A high and waggy tail, floppy ears, relaxed body, playfulness, etc., are a few signs that the dog is happy.” Check out https://nationaltoday.com/national-make-a-dogs-day/

Here’s today’s haiku: Make a Dog’s Day

if you have a dog

you already know – if not,

foster one today


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