CYE Countdown – Dec 16 – Love All the Way

We are halfway through the final month of 2022. Let’s make the most of the time remaining.

Today’s senryu: Love All the Way

we are still alive 🙂

our very breath can be joy

let’s love all the way

Today’s daily meditation from Richard Rohr, Love Does No Harm, is a great reminder of why we can be joyful. ( Here’s a brief extract:

Father Richard invites us to trust the Inherent Goodness of the universe:

The goal of the spiritual journey is to discover and move toward connectedness on ever new levels. Of course, we won’t become vulnerable enough to connect unless we learn to trust over and over again. We must ask ourselves, “Is the universe a friendly place or not?” The spiritual experience is about trusting that when we stop holding ourselves, Inherent Goodness will still uphold us. Many of us call that God, but it isn’t necessary. It is the trusting that is important. When we fall into such Primal Love, we realize that everything is foundationally okay.

(Adapted from Richard Rohr, Essential Teachings on Love, selected by Joelle Chase and Judy Traeger (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2018), 104–105.)

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