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High Coo – Nov 7 – National Book Award Week


What is one of the best books you’ve read this year?

A helpful reminder of well-thought-of books would be those that receive top recognition.

“National Book Award Week is held from November 7 to November 13 each year. It focuses on America’s future authors, books, and literature in general. The National Book Award is a set of annual literary awards in the United States….The National Book Foundation also awards two-lifetime achievement awards each year: the Medal for Outstanding Contribution to American Literature and the Literary Award for Outstanding Achievement to the American Literary Community.” https://nationaltoday.com/national-book-award-week/

After the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Booker Prize, the National Book Award is considered one of “the world’s most prestigious literary prizes” according to the NY Times.

Today’s haiku: National Book Award Week

honoring the “best”

is a noble attempt to

increase readership

One of my favorite books read this year is “It’s Not About the Wine!” by Brian Metters (aka Dr. B). Check it out!


High Coo – September 6 – National Read a Book Day

Standing outside “Beat Poetry HQ” aka City Lights Books in San Francisco

Today is NATIONAL READ A BOOK DAY. What book(s) are you reading?

I’m always reading more than one. Here’s my current collection:

America’s Racial Karma by Larry Ward, PhD

Gasoline by Gregory Corso

It’s Not About the Wine by Dr. Brian Metters

Sacred Sendoffs by Sarah A. Bowen

Other recommendations:

Poetry of Presence by Phyllis Cole-Dai and Ruby Wilson

Something to Chew On by Ari Joshua Bouse

Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women edited by Gabriela Marie Milton

Today’s haiku: National Read a Book Day

Love’s labors found:

reading inspires my passion

to reciprocate

For more information on this holiday see https://nationaltoday.com/national-read-book-day/

A final humble recommendation: