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High Coo – June 18 – Countering Hate Speech

Today is the International Day for Countering Hate Speech. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to counter hate speech which is defined as “any kind of speech or writing that attacks or discriminates against a person or a group based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, descent, gender, or any other identity factor. Speech should not be a weapon for creating more mayhem in this volatile world.”

Today’s haiku respectfully reminds us:

Hate speech does not help;

it hurts ev’ry one. Instead

promote love and truth.

For more information on this day see: https://nationaltoday.com/international-day-for-countering-hate-speech/

For information on how to speak more truthfully and lovingly please refer to your faith tradition reminders. For one example you might consider the Metta (Loving-Kindness) Sutta at https://www.insightmeditationcenter.org/metta-sutta/ or the fine art rendition shown below.

Metta Sutta drawing by Dave Wood