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High Coo – Dec 8 – Five Dog Day

Yesterday, I walked five dogs, one at a time. Two I already knew. Three were new to me. Here they are:

Alize – 6-yr-old, 33-pound female mixed breed

Shepley – 4-yr-old, 63-pound, male Terrier

Layla – 2-yr-old, 34-pound, female Rottweiler-mix

Note: no pictures currently available for Frankie or Onion. Will share when they become available. For more pictures of the many dogs at Stray Rescue STL see https://www.strayrescue.org/adopt-a-dog

Today’s dogryu: Five Dog Day

like people, all dogs

are different and the same

worth love and respect

Here’s wishing you a Five Dog Day; if not today, then soon.

High Coo – Sept 8 – Nat’l Dog Walker Appreciation Day

Man walking a Pitbull – freepik

Today is National Dog Walker Appreciation Day. Whether it’s a paid serviceperson or a volunteer for a rescue facility, walking dogs is an important activity with benefits for the dog, the owner and the walker. Quality attention time, exercise and bodily relief are just the beginning. See https://nationaltoday.com/national-dog-walker-appreciation-day/

First celebrated in 2016, this holiday was organized by Wag!, the platform that connects pet parents with local dog walkers. See https://wagwalking.com/

I am very grateful to be a volunteer dog walker for:


I walk 4 – 5 dogs singly every Wednesday morning and the human-animal bond (HAB) grows exponentially each week. Yesterday, I walked Wayne, Piper, Minion and The Supreme. We give each other such joy along with the time for staff to refresh their apartments while we’re out. I strongly recommend this activity for the nearest rescue facility in your neighborhood. It will do a world of good for all involved. 🙂

Today’s haiku: National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

Need some exercise

and time to do business?

Thank a dog walker.