A Friend’s Life Matters

“He asked me if I thought he’d make it: survive his surgery. ‘Yes, I do’, I replied clear and plain. ‘There’s still a lot for you to do.’

He said he wasn’t afraid to die and agreed that much remained undone.

He showed me his office filled with papers, talked about requests for his archives, recalled his written yet unpublished work, his thoughts for more to write. Talked about his son’s wedding to come, looked forward to a granddaughter’s visit that night, his garden needed tending, he could get back in shape easily if he could only breathe easier … it wasn’t asthma after all you see … but the need for surgery (or two).

He wasn’t afraid to die and there was still plenty to do beforehand. His life still mattered – that’s why.”


Filling the Gap

“Two plus two equals ten. Of course! We all know that.

Some information here, some from there, then a whole story derived from just a chat.

You love me; no, you hate me; or is it fear and not love at all?

It’s as plain as the nose on our face, isn’t it? Or are there some ‘facts’ we’re choosing not to recall? How can we be sure what is true or not? Are we ever sure of the ‘truth?’

In the meantime, I love you is the only moment we’ve got. Here and now, not back then or some future hence. Right now, I love you, even if it’s only mere coincidence.”


Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First

Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine

“Life’s been hard for a while now, pandemic, aging, and other duress. Her husband no longer cares for her and her adult son cannot handle the stress.

Too tough, too messy, too hard, too old; no one wants her help or care. Husband and son want her out ‘right now!’ They both want her out of their hair.

And so, she cries, she worries, she frowns, and then she gives them what they want. She finds another place to live, her own cross-town apartment.

This wasn’t how she hoped life would go – this double-threat dose of strife, but she practices smiling inside and out. She continues on with her life.

Maybe things will change in time, but right now, she needs to breathe. She dons her smiling mask until her smile is something to bequeath to someone, anyone, if not the ones she originally intended her love for all life must continue on until sunshine returns above … until someone returns her love.”


After All Is Said and Done

“In the early morning hours, sometimes around the dust, even at noontime, if we dedicate the time, do we notice the softer sounds, ones so easily missed when we’re otherwise busy or on the run?

It’s during these times, we may hear our heartbeat or notice vibrations in our ears or feel the tingling in our hands and feet and recognize how much is going on.

This is it! This is real!

Noticing our breath, feeling our sitz bones, the position of our neck, acknowledging the gravity that allows us to be here, recognizing the Earth from which we were born ….. our true home is here, after all is said and done.”


Natural Beauty

New spring leaves overshadowing last year’s fallen leaves

“Let me die in autumn when green leaves turn to gold…when red, orange, and yellow combine and then explode…let life pass in glory, a story to be told, let me die in autumn before I grow too old

Worshipper of summer and winter is abhorred, a woman of extremes, not one to be ignored…true, she drives me crazy but never am I bored…taught me what is holy and who should be adored

And so, on second thought…

Let me die in springtime when dead limbs bud anew…tulips break the surface and promises come true…when love, like sap, will flow and every bird will coo…let me die in springtime and only die with you.”


Appreciating Mother Earth

“Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother of Life

you all comfort and you sting

sometimes you’re a warm summer day

sometimes a frightening stormy spring

sometimes a crisp golden autumn

sometimes a harsh winter snow

cycles continue each minute and hour

let us make time to enjoy the show”

NATURAL BEAUTY AND OTHER POEMS, excerpt from Enjoying the Show, p.5

Renewing Our Vows v.2

“Feel the dirt beneath our fingernails, the wet soil of spring gives us hope that winter will finally relinquish the hibernation we once needed.

But now, with glistening drops of rain, fresh daffodils and blades of grass, say ‘Wake up!’ It’s time to stretch again. It’s time to bring forth new life.

We receive, continue, and touch the love that inspires each new moment. Thank you, winter, for allowing us sleep, and thank you, spring for waking us up.

Like each passing day and each month’s new moon, our planet’s seasons refresh our known and forgotten vows.”


Renewing Our Vows

RA/c* n-c =bo/ *-vus/k t]s /b*hy3f5/ao7 *hy ua; +x[/u bd /*-pqe f\.w 9/ *1t3 p=w, /*ya+- [/4 o’j8,* 9/h*-g+/a* .-/ -+g*]’6j4u2 75 3\py /;f*;vm

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R/E3NBL ]/Q*A6 /-T +5*'A ,L/+S ;DU

Once Again

“Can we separate the dancer from the dance? Can we know and be known?

Reciprocal motion is how we live, breathing in and breathing out. Embracing the dance is tasting the food inside and outside of us.

What if there is no inner and outer? Only one, once again.

If we do not join the dance, if we do not dare to learn the steps, Oh, what an impoverished life we will live, missing out on a real embrace.

Let us sacrifice the known for the power to move more joyfully, more skillfully. Conscious presence, the floor is our friend, we are balanced alone and together.

We are the dancer and the dance. We are the path, we are the Zen.”


Monday Morning After Easter


“Enough about the need for hard work. I’m tired of all these excuses. You say to receive the best requires my effort to the point of bruises.

I thought my winning smile was sufficient, maybe with a twirl and a curtsy. But no, you say there’s practice and drills to the point that everything hurts me.

Why must there be pain before elation? Why must there be so much work? All I want is joy that comes easy; no pushups just an easy twerk.

Why must there be blood, sweat, and tears? Is success some sadistic sewn reap? I’d rather it be fun, light, and breezy like a gleeful diving board leap.

You say I can play all I want but rewards go only to the brave who put in the time and the energy that releases the creation we crave.

So now, I must decide, once again, how do I want to proceed: with focus and clarity and drive OR more ignorance, hate, and greed?”