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Jan 23 – Four Roles of an Animal Chaplain

Donna Rae Yuritic’s Compassion for Creatures Animal Ministry https://tucson.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/animal-chaplain-brings-peace-to-many/article_026dfee4-b9ca-50e5-a4f7-165c63ad5b06.html

Yuritic estimated, as of 2008, there were “50 animal chaplains in the U.S. and Canada.” That number has grown significantly since due to her work and that of Reverend Sarah Bowen.

Sarah Bowen’s roadkill ministry http://www.modernreverend.com/about-rev-sarah.html

What does an animal chaplain do? Sarah Bowen identifies at least four roles in a Tricycle magazine article. https://tricycle.org/article/animal-chaplain/

Those roles are: “animal chaplains primarily help people with

  1. end-of-life care and the grieving process for the animals who often become an integral part of our families but whose deaths we tend to not process as fully. The job can also entail
  2. working with animals in shelters,
  3. addressing behavioral problems through interspecies spiritual practices, and
  4. animal advocacy.https://tricycle.org/article/animal-chaplain/

Or, stated another way on Sarah Bowen’s website, ModernReverend.com:

  1. Supporting animals
  2. Promoting human/animal bonds
  3. Sacred Sendoffs
  4. Advocating for non-human animals

If you’re interested in “honoring animal lives and healing human hearts” check out Sarah Bowen’s companion website Compassion Consortium: https://www.compassionconsortium.org/training

High Coo – Nov 20 – National Absurdity Day

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As Sarah A. Bowen, director of the Animal Chaplaincy program and author of Sacred Sendoffs (c) 2022, would say WTF? BTW: WTF is short for What the Fluff. https://www.sacredsendoffs.com/

So, today is National Absurdity Day – where did this come from?

The real philosophy of absurdism began in the 19th century in the mind of a Danish philosopher called Kierkegaard. Its premise is that humans are all searching to find meaning in a meaningless universe. As the years passed, this philosophy gained popularity and became the touchstone for a movement in theatre and literature in Europe and North America.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the peak of such artistic movements as the Theater of the Absurd and Surrealism gave rise to an entire genre of literature based on nonsequitur behaviors and otherworldly plots. One of the works from this time, “Waiting for Godot”, is based entirely around a pair of characters waiting at a tree for their friend, Godot — whom we never meet — to arrive.

The origins of National Absurdity Day are apropos to the subject at hand. They’re entirely unknown.” See https://nationaltoday.com/national-absurdity-day/

For more information on the philosophy of absurdism see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absurdism and https://poemanalysis.com/genre/absurd/

Today’s poem: National Absurdity Day

another day in

(where am I again) – oh, yeah

paradise, with you

Enjoy the chaos of today 🙂